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Finding a product that helped tell my story was phenominal!
In November 2004, I had twins born 10 weeks too soon. The NICU that my girls were in had a March of Dimes NICU Family S…
Web site Testimonials
Please read what some of our customers have to say about our web site, our products and our service.
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September 2007
My little spit fire
Our daughter Faith was born at 25 weeks, which is 15 weeks too soon! At birth she weighed 1 pound 13 ounces and was 13 inches long. She spent the first month and a half of her life on a life support. I was so scared I didn't even get to hold my baby girl till she was 3 weeks old. She was so tiny. She had several blood transfusions, and some up and down moments. Finally after 3 months in the hospital she got to come home with us. She fought hard for her life, and today she is still my little spitfire!
September 2007
My son was born 9 weeks to soon and had a relatively short nicu stay, however was in the hospital MANY times after. He has since passed away and I am so grateful for all the medical related products available to remember the hospital times.
June 2007
The weight conversion chart is great!
We started adding the weight conversion charts to parent care kits that we hand out to families as part of the March of Dimes NICU Family Support Program. Parents love these and they particularly like that they are portable. They transport from hospital to home easily and are handy when parents call to check in.
June 2007
As a NICU Family Support Specialist with the March of Dimes, I conduct weekly scrap booking groups for families. Your materials about premature birth and NICU hospital stay help families cope with the long days of waiting. Whether the baby is premature or term, with a scrap book, the family can create a product that captures the experience and helps to bring some order to the chaos of the hospitalization. From the words in the "Cut Em Upz" to the Calendars with milestone stickers, families are drawn in to record in a positive and colorful way the story of their baby. The "Cut Em Upz" that pertain to pregnancy, labor and breastfeeding are also just as important as the family makes a visual story. There are even sheets for the grandparents! These products capture the imagination of all.
June 2007
You kept me sane!
The words "You kept me sane!" are ones that I have heard more than once as the March of Dimes NICU Family Support Specialist in Pennsylvania. I didn't keep them sane, but creative outlets such as Scrapbooking helped them cope with long days in the NICU. The families love the Cut Em Upz and go through them like crazy. The families also appreciate the Pound to Gram conversion charts. Keep the products coming!
June 2007

As a March of Dimes NICU Family Support Specialist, I have been truly amazed at the joy, pride and comfort the scrapbooking products through My Kids Inspiration have provided so many families of premature and/or critically ill infants. The beautifully tailored scrapbooking materials not only allow NICU families to create a meaningful keepsake of their baby, but also help parents and family members feel connected and close to their baby during an especially difficult time.
Cedar Rapids,Linn/IA
June 2007
The NICU stickers are GREAT!
As the March of Dimes NICU Family Support Specialist in Iowa, the NICU stickers have been so wonderful for families. I often get comments on how much they like the stickers because they are so unique to the NICU experience. The NICU staff has also really enjoyed using them for special photo projects. Keep up the great work!
June 2007
Finding a product that helped tell my story was phenominal!
In November 2004, I had twins born 10 weeks too soon. The NICU that my girls were in had a March of Dimes NICU Family Support program that sponsored scrapbooking sessions for families. I was introduced to My Kids Inspiration during those sessions. It was wonderful to find stickers, cutouts and words that described my experience and helped to tell my girls' unique story. I have continued to volunteer at the NICU scrapping sessions and each time I share my scrapbook, I'm asked where I found the NICU related "stuff." I always tell them about My Kids Inspiration and all of their great products. Thanks My Kids' Inspiration for creating a product that allows families to tell their story the way it should be told! Kristie
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